Critical Mass CEO Peer Groups® create a
unique environment for the proven concept
of peer learning for business executives.

Executive Peer Groups

Ric Franzi is the creator of the Key Executive Peer Group, a unique experience for a company’s top talent to hone their leadership skills. Executive Peer Groups are designed to include members from diverse businesses in order to gain access to the powers of CEO Peer Groups®, as written about in Ric Franzi’s landmark book Critical Mass The 10 Explosive Powers of CEO Peer Groups. This is a unique opportunity to gain insights, coaching, and the perspective of your peers, as well as training outside your area of expertise.

Through a rigorous curriculum and training, members gain valuable insight from other Executives and professionals, with the goal of building the Executive’s ability to assume greater responsibilities within his/her firm. This is a business and leadership development program designed to create improved results, both personally and professionally.


  • Gain the knowledge needed to assume greater decision making responsibilities
  • Get confidential, trusted advice from a group of your peers
  • Drive personal and professional growth through forward thinking and fresh perspectives
  • Experience an opportunity to build deep and lasting relationships

Program features include:

  • Monthly problem solving peer group meetings – half-day, professionally facilitated by Ric
  • 1 hour of individual executive consulting each quarter
  • Annual half-day executive conference
  • Annual two-day strategic planning retreat

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