Insights from Janice Salmon CEO of Just Press One

October 28th, 2019 by Richard (Ric) Franzi, MBA

All it takes is a simple change to your phone system to help your business save money and provide the best service to your consumers. Just Press One helps to make this possible — by eliminating inbound calls and supply a one-stop location. Janice Salmon offers insight into her business adventures.


  1. An entrepreneur sets out to solve problems. Noticing a need for answering service for the appliance industry, Janice set out to fill this gap. As entrepreneurs, we must figure out how we can solve problems in our industries. We cannot take no for an answer. To be innovative is to succeed even in an industry that does not have a lot of profit.


  1. We have to persevere. Janice did not give up when she heard her first no from the company selling the SureTouch technology. With diligence, she sought out the inventor and tried once more. Giving her the ability to provide this service to women in need via OC Breast Wellness. When the first door does not open, try the other keys.


  1. Having a vision ensures we’re on the right track.As business owners we tend to narrow our focus. As we learned last week in our podcast, living in the now helps us solve our problems. However, this does not mean we do not think about the possibilities the future may hold. To help people is the main goal, and we need to ensure we take those steps necessary to get there, regardless of the obstacles.


Listen to our full interview with Janice here:

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