Insights from Elizabeth Benton, Author of Chasing Cupcakes, on Critical Mass Radio Show

October 19th, 2019 by Richard (Ric) Franzi, MBA

What’s holding you back from your goals in life? Feeling overwhelmed and stuck in your past? You’d be surprised by the answers to these questions. Learn more as we sit down with author Elizabeth Benton to talk about her book Chasing Cupcakes. Here are a few takeaways from our time with Elizabeth Benton on Critical Mass Radio Show:

  1.  All or nothing attitude actually holds us back. We often find ourselves and in business “justifying” our actions and decisions, the “I’ll do better next time attitude”. However, we need to stop letting the past and even the future moments impact our decisions today. When you start fresh in every moment you are able to take those steps necessary for getting the results you want. With each little step, you get closer and closer to the goal, eventually leading to better if not higher goals. 
  2. Realize we are the solution to our problems. Clinging to your problems and habits can cause a lack of progress. In order to make progress on our business and personal goals, we need to separate ourselves from our problems and focus that energy toward actions that get you to your goal.  Once we do that, we are no longer getting in our own way. We tend to focus on outcomes, but in reality, we should be thinking about those behaviors and actions that “move the needle” or produce those outcomes. Those behaviors and actions are beneficial to us in the future and will keep us moving forward at a much quicker pace.
  3. Self-reflection is key. Asking yourselves difficult questions like making a case as to why you cannot do something is tough, but it exercises your brain in a positive manner. By asking yourself better questions you explore what you are thinking right then at that moment. Stimulating your strategic thinking skills and creativity. No matter what your goal is, we have to become better thinkers to get there and asking yourself continuously better questions will help significantly.

Listen to our full interview with Elizabeth Benton here:

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