“The Good Will of Goodwill,” Insights from Nicole Suydam, President and CEO of Goodwill of Orange County on the Critical Mass Radio Show

September 6th, 2019 by Richard (Ric) Franzi, MBA

Goodwill helps people who are facing barriers to find and keeps jobs, which provide purpose, pride, and dignity. Not only do they serve thousands of children and adults every year, but they also provide services to help people achieve the highest level of independence. Nicole Suydam, President and CEO of Goodwill of Orange County joins us on the Critical Mass Radio show to share more.

1.The only difference between a non-profit organizations and a corporate business is the designation to the IRS. Non-profit organizations are full-fledged businesses and when looked at by corporate businesses do not get the status that they deserve. In some cases the best practices of a business are best executed by non-profit organizations. Oversight and compliance are expected and demanded from non-profit organizations and in some cases even more so than corporate businesses. Non-profit organizations are great partners and can boost credibility as well as establish a philanthropic view by consumers, therefore increasing interest to the brands of both businesses working together.

2.Find quality candidates. Many business owners struggle with hiring the right people that will compliment the values and mission of their business. This may be because of how candidates are narrowed down. What I mean by this is people with disabilities or even veterans are typically not given as much consideration as others during the interview process. We have now heard two CEOs, Nicole Suydam and Bob Marsh of The File Depot, that have significantly benefitted from hiring people with barriers, such as disabled individuals, either mentally or physically. As stated by both CEOs on two separate interviews, they bring a work ethic that is unmatched by others in the work place and their genuinely happy and grateful to be working for and representing your company. When conducting the interview process remember that everyone should be given the opportunity to demonstrate the skills and work ethic they have.

3.Be laser focused. For non-profit organizations and for corporate level jobs, focusing on programs and other ways that will allow people to maintain and succeed in their position within a company is a strategic move. Tuning in on the ways that can benefit your employees that allow them to prosper and grow within your business will ultimately allow your business to grow outward. This will add credibility to your employees as well as your business model, and hiring process, because if your employees are growing and expanding the business and themselves it reflects positively on the ones whop hired and trained them. Also, this sets individuals up for other opportunities outside of the business. In the long run focusing on the well being of your employees and being able to reap the benefits while doing so will allow for exponential growth and success all around.


Listen to our full interview with Nicole Suydam on the Critical Mass Radio Show here:


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