“Leaders Are Readers”, Insights from Pat Burns, Co-founder of the OC Children’s Book Festival on the Critical Mass Radio Show

September 6th, 2019 by Richard (Ric) Franzi, MBA

Books offer endless visions and dreams, individually different to each reader. Reading can be the secret to a happy and successful life for people of all ages. That’s why the OC Children’s Book Festival is looking to take people on an adventure of exploration. Co-founder and executive director Pat Burns joins us on the Critical Mass Radio Show with more.

1. Answer the big “Why’s” to know the “How”.For an entrepreneur launching a business or even generating a great idea to get your business started and gain recognition can be a daunting task. One of the easiest ways to go about doing this is to answer the “why” questions before hand. For instance, as stated in the interview,” why are we better?”, “Why is our community better?”, “ Why are the children better?”, and for any entrepreneur answering the main questions as to why your idea is better than anything your competitors are currently offering is a sure fire way to advance recognition and make your idea a reality. Always be aware of the “whys “ in order to figure out the “how”.

2.Leaders are readers. It does matter if you love to read. For entrepreneurs and other functioning members of society reading saves a great number of individuals from being taken advantage of. For instance imagine trying to make a business deal and not being able to read and interpret the contract that was drawn up for you. It is proven that being illiterate decreases self esteem and decreases the chances of succeeding in school which in turn decreases the chance of success in adulthood. Although reading may not come easy to some, the variety of ways to gain knowledge through books leaves little room for excuses as to why someone is unable to read. Leaders are readers and without reading you limit yourself to everything the world has to offer and are thus closed off to a world of endless opportunity as well as strategy that and benefit you and your business.

3.Connections are everything.For non-profit organizations especially, connections are everything and determine the success of the business. Non-profit organizations such as the OC Children’s Book Festival, depend on the philanthropic outlooks corporations have as well as the willingness of celebrity and big name sponsors. Without that help and networking, non-profit organizations would not be able to provide the change that all of us wish to see in the world. However, it is all one big circle and it all starts with an individual and a connection to a monetary source. With that connection can bring out change and decrease the problems that society faces on the daily such as illiterate youth. Build connections and help out a non-profit. It can only help and it will bring credibility for your business as well as the non-profit in which you are sponsoring.


Listen to our full interview with Pat Burns on the Critical Mass Radio Show here:


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