“Focus on the Business “, Insights from Matt Rossetti, CEO of Rossetti on The Critical Mass Radio Show

September 25th, 2019 by Richard (Ric) Franzi, MBA

“Rossetti is a place where they design experiences and generate value.” More specifically, experiences that enrich people’s lives by providing fresh and inventive content, and as we all know content is king! Value that is tangible and relatable whether it be physically or financially, and even emotionally. The authenticity of their brand, as well as, the creative employees is able to positively impact their clients, the community, Sports and Entertainment projects, and even take them across the globe with spectacular hospitality of all sorts. Matt Rossetti joins us on the Critical Mass Radio Show for more.

1.Understand how prospects want to consume information. To be a successful business you have to understand all areas of your audience. This includes how they want to receive their information. Most people today multi task and receive a great deal of information from cell phones while they are on the go. Millennial’s and Gen Z, also hold a great experience to a higher value than the stuff CEOs and executives are trying to market. So if you are holding conferences and events in venues that are not of value to your audience they are less likely to attend and less likely to listen and retain the information presented. Follow the trends and truly take an interest in understanding your audience.

2.Stay with the program. As Gino Wickman said,It is so easy to focus in the business instead of on the business”. What this means is constantly making sure the regimen is followed and creating clear time for fresh, innovative, and creative thinking to ensure the company as a whole is keeping up with the times and the overall vision is being met. Also, implement what you need to implement. It can become extremely difficult to keep the momentum and vision going so setting goals and tracking progress is crucial to attaining the success you want from your company.

3.Don’t be afraid to change the leadership boards. In a successful company a strong leadership team is essential. However, a strong sense of family is created at the leadership level and sometimes the system and the work out grows the person or the people outgrow the system and the sense of trust and the strong connection and bond between executives makes it very difficult to adapt and change the leadership teams with the changing business world. Some of the biggest challenges CEOs face is switching up the leaderships teams but in those situations it is important to keep in mind that it is strictly business and if it is what is best for the company then it must be done to ensure the success of the company.


Listen to our full interview with Matt Rossetti here:


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