“Respect Is A Best Practice”, Insights from Louis Carter, CEO of The Best Practice Institute on the Critical Mass Radio Show

August 25th, 2019 by Richard (Ric) Franzi, MBA


The fortunes of any business rest in the hands of its leaders and its people. But what really creates a workplace in which everyone thrives, is deeper than the latest engagement tool-it’s emotional connection. CEO of the Best Practice Institute and Author of In Great Company, Louis Carter is here to share the five ways to build expert tips and advice from within a business.

1. Respect is the new currency of the work place. For entrepreneurs and also any other person in the work force, respect is something that will either guarantee the success of your business or will be the one thing that ruins your business. Without respect, negotiations and deals with other companies will not work out in your favor and will also drive the customers respect for your business to the ground. In a sense respect is somewhat more valuable than the actual currency that a business brings in. The lack of the physiological safety when it comes to gaining the respect of others is recipe for disaster for yourself and your business.

2.Do what you say you are going to do. Just as respect is taking on a more powerful role, trust is just as important within a company. Building an emotional connection is only possible when you have trust and respect working together. Building a sense of trust within the workplace will guarantee the success of your business. Employees will want to work for someone they can trust and employers will have the support they need in order to make the best decisions overall for the company and the people who help run it. The trust that is then built and established will then feed off onto the customers that will then make them feel more comfortable conducting business with you.

3.People really do seek out emotional connections. Whether you are the customer or the employee of a company we all seek out the emotional connection that enables us to stay in a certain place i.e. the workplace. People seek out the emotional connections to products or services through questionnaires and sometimes interviews in order to gain a sense of how a product or service has impacted an individual in their daily lives. As much as we do not pay attention to it, companies continuously seek out the emotional connections from their target audiences in order to gain a feeling of belonging and achievement in the field in which they reside.


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