“MOMS Include Dads and Any Other Version of a Parent “, Insights from Dave Lugo, COO of MOMS Orange County and Sara Piccollo, Vice President of Global Head of Inclusion and Diversity

August 31st, 2019 by Richard (Ric) Franzi, MBA

MOMS Orange County was formed 26 years ago in response to a crisis in access to prenatal healthcare for low income, and at risk women. Today they serve thousands of families bringing them the support they truly need. Happening right now, they’re accepting nominations for their 2020 Champion for Babies and Families award. Dave Lugo, COO of MOMS Orange County and Sara Piccollo, Vice President, Inclusion, Diversity, and Culture join us on the Critical Mass Radio Show for more.

1.Having help from an employer when you are a working mother is crucial. Working mothers do not get all the credit that they deserve; it is an extremely difficult situation both physically and mentally. Therefore, having an understanding employer to help you alleviate some of the work pressures can prove to be very beneficial for both the employee and the employer. For instance, it builds a strong sense of trust and respect and ultimately a sense of loyalty between the two.

2.An awards program is a great way to gain clients and gain momentum for your business. Having an awards program from within your company is a great way to gain recognition as well as credibility for the services you provide. An awards program is a way to provide knowledge and expertise to other near by companies and is also a great way to establish relationships with surrounding businesses. There is also a form of reciprocation that comes along as well when having an awards program, whether it is with volunteerism, philanthropy, or even spreading awareness of the services your company provides.

3.Evolve, change, and rebrand. Typically speaking non-profit organizations tend to be all inclusive when it comes to the services that they provide. However, sometimes that message does not translate and that can be because of something as small as the name of your organization. As the CEO or top executive of a company it is important know and understand who you are trying to provide services to and making it known across the board that your services are for everyone and not just focused on a specific group of individuals. Pay attention to your branding and the scope of the types of programs being offered. If you feel as a CEO or top executive, that the services being offered may not be extended to you based off the brand name, then evolve, change, and rebrand.


Listen to our full interview with Dave Lugo and Sara Piccollo here:


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