“It Is Tuff Being an Entrepreneur”,Insights from Ryan Pribble, CEO of Tuff Toe on the Critical Mass Radio Show

August 16th, 2019 by Richard (Ric) Franzi, MBA


The origins of Tuff Toe take us back to 1975 to a baseball fan that was also a chemical engineer was working with NASA and created what would become the first version of Tuff Toe in his garage in Long Beach, CA. Ryan Pribble joins us on the Critical Mass Radio Show to discuss the journey from that garage to becoming the largest Pitcher Toe Plate and Boot protection product in the world!

1. Have a product that is just that good. Being an entrepreneur comes with a lot of challenges, and sometimes those challenges lie within running the business itself, however, if you have a product that is just that good, then the business aspect can always be worked out. Especially when growing organically, having a great product will allow the growth of your business to happen at an accelerated rate whether or not you have a business background.

2.Opportunity is everywhere. Opportunities are literally everywhere and sometimes they occur when you least expect it. In this case, the opportunity was in the clients themselves. Businesses tend to have a set of clientele in mind when creating a product, which is to be expected. However, when the clientele becomes isolated to one specific group of people then the opportunities become smaller and smaller. When creating a product it is important to think about a variety of people that would benefit from it. Opportunity is not always with partnerships and sales, sometimes it is within the clientele themselves.

3.Be willing to bet on you. In the world of business and marketing, tons of ideas are being thrown around every minute and it can be hard to get your idea to actually obtain traction and get out into the world as a physical product. However, you must be willing to bet on yourself if you feel that your idea is worth it and has the potential to benefit an array of people. Expect to get a lot of no’s but have the dedication to get to a yes. This holds true if you are someone that is not an entrepreneur as well. Getting your idea heard and noticed is one of the most arduous processes there is, but if the passion and drive are there then continue working at it until you get a yes and be willing to bet on you.


Listen to our full interview with Ryan Pribble on the Critical Mass Radio Show here:


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