“Here’s The Point”, Insights from Jeff Curie, CEO of The Curie Point on the Critical Mass Radio Show

August 17th, 2019 by Richard (Ric) Franzi, MBA

Building a software business is a long, hard process and successful companies follow a maturity curve that must overcome three hurdles for long term, sustained revenue growth. Jeff Curie, Principal at The Curie Point, will break down three hurdles and explain how the most effective leaders change the goals of the sales, marketing and product teams in order to navigate through each hurdle. Jeff is a CEO-experienced entrepreneur who has built multiple software companies in So Cal using both recurring SaaS and enterprise license models.

1.The CEO must be open minded and a strong leader. The CEO/ executive teams are the ones that make a majority of the decisions when it comes to a company. Therefore, it is essential that those people remain open minded and be willing to accept constructive criticism and feedback on the current operations of the business. This will guarantee the success of the business in the long run as well as create a strong entrepreneurial opportunity that allows for more ideas to be shared and a greater chance for the people with good ideas to be heard.

 2.Look to other fields to help you with your current problems. It would be in your best interest to look to other fields to see how they solve/look at their problems. Even though they may not be in the same field as you, other people can provide advice and knowledge that may be applicable to your current situation. The power of peer learning does not stop with people who are in the same field and area of expertise as you are. There is always something to be learned and gained from others in a variety of fields that may help you when it comes to running your business.

3. Think like the customer. Be market driven and be open to being market driven. Many people, when coming up with a product, do not take into consideration the actual problem that people face on a daily basis, and instead think about themselves and the fact that since it is their idea they are right about what it can do for people. This ultimately removes that individual from the market and closes the door to understanding what people really want to buy. Instead of huddling in meetings with people who are in the same mindset as you are about your product, it is so important to get feedback from the market you are trying to reach and get a greater understanding of the product people want and the services people are seeking to obtain. This will generate an increase in sales and in satisfaction with your product.

Listen to our full interview with Jeff Curie on the Critical Mass Radio Show here:


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