The Heart Behind the Brand: Insights from John Hoefer of Milestone Risk Management on Critical Mass Radio Show

April 2nd, 2019 by Richard (Ric) Franzi, MBA

To truly understand the value of a company, you have to not only look at the brand but the heart behind it. Milestone Risk Management helps deliver risk management solutions and provide certainty and commitment. John Hoefer joins us to share more. Here are three takeaways from our time with John Hoefer on Critical Mass Radio Show:

1. Education helps improve internal client processes. This rings true whether it be leadership education, insurance education, company education or otherwise. Cultivating an internal company culture is critical to having a well respecting business, and maintaining a great culture and a great environment of employee value is also of utmost importance. The leadership team must believe that implementing these processes is important, and communicate that to the organization as a whole.

2. There’s no shortcut to success. As discussed by John Hoefer on Critical Mass Radio Show, there is also no shortcut to getting the best premiums. You have to walk the talk. When you do, that is when the results happen.

3. Make it right. Mistakes happen. However, it is not about the mistakes we make, but
rather, how willing we are to be honest and admit our mistakes. When you make things
right, everything works out ­ and could even bring you closer to your team in the
process. Be transparent, accept responsibility, and lead from an honest place from the
day you start your business until the very end.

Listen to our full interview with John Hoefer here:

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