The Women’s Power Peer Group: Insights from Dr. Shawn Andrews on Critical Mass Radio Show

January 14th, 2019 by Richard (Ric) Franzi, MBA

With her expertise in work experience and knowledge in leadership, Dr. Shawn Andrews is expanding her work one industry at a time. Her latest – creating a Women’s Power Peer Group where women business leaders can help guide and support each other in their work. Dr. Andrews joined us to share her inspiration behind this specific peer group and more. Here are three takeaways from our time with Dr. Shawn Andrews on Critical Mass Radio Show:

1. Gender inequality is real. While on Critical Mass Radio, Dr. Shawn Andrews explained that often, womens’ talents and competencies aren’t being leveraged in the workforce, and while there are many women in the workforce, there are several, multifactorial barriers to leadership. Frustrated with the system and its gender barriers, many women opt for other options such as entrepreneurship. Dr. Andrews explained that many barriers occur as a result of perception, and that unfortunately, perception becomes reality for many. Without effective feedback, we fall prey to confirmation bias and don’t know how we are perceived by others.

2. Diversity and inclusion are powerful tools for a learning community. While there
are tons of female networking organizations, there are very few peer groups for female business leaders, Dr. Andrews shared, adding that peer groups are key to success as they are professionally facilitated, allowing the guidance needed for individuals to take purposeful action and move from Point A to Point B. Female­oriented peer groups also provide tools and strategies to advance and address career barriers that women face in the workforce.

3. Real feedback is hard to hear, but needed. It is not often that we are in an environment where we are willing to be vulnerable and receptive to constructive criticism. Peer groups provide the chance to speak truth in a trusted, safe environment unlike any other. In addition to providing endless networking opportunities, peer groups allow for the ability to share and receive unbiased, candid advice that may not be received anywhere else.

Listen to our full interview with Dr. Shawn Andrews here:

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