Strategy, Execution, and Ocean Education: Insights from Dan Pingaro, CEO of Ocean Institute, on Critical Mass Radio Show

December 3rd, 2018 by Richard (Ric) Franzi, MBA

Since 1977, Ocean Institute has been educating the community in in­ depth marine science, maritime history, and outdoor education programs. As a non­profit, they strive to maximize immersion, spark curiosity, and inspire a deep commitment to learning. President & CEO Dan Pingaro joined us to tell us more. Listen to our full interview with Dan Pingaro on Critical Mass Radio Show here:

1. Strategy is nothing without execution. Ocean Institute’s strategic plan goes hand in hand with the organization’s detailed operational plan. This structure allows the organization to effectively accomplish its vision by establishing overarching goals and then putting those core principles into practice operationally.

2. Ignorance is bliss; but only in the short term. While on the show, Dan Pingaro explained that the ocean faces serious risks if we do not take action, and that the health of the ocean directly correlates to the overall health of the planet. While we may not be seeing the effects right now, this blissful ignorance will soon come to an end as we experience the unintended consequences of our lack of awareness in this regard.

3. Provide your team with strategic support. When it comes to building and executing your strategic and operational plans, it is essential to provide your team with the necessary focused support and professional development at all levels in order to achieve optimal clarity as you move forward.

Listen to our full interview with Dan Pingaro here:

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