Strategic Leadership, Strategic Content: Insights from Jayson Duncan of Miller Farm Media on Critical Mass Radio Show

December 10th, 2018 by Richard (Ric) Franzi, MBA

People are always looking for leaders–­someone who can solve their problems, inspire them, and help guide them. Being that strong leader in a firm is crucial to bringing trust to your firm. Jayson Duncan of Miller Farm Media helps make these leaders through media and video influences. Here are three takeaways from our time with Jayson Duncan on Critical Mass Radio Show:

1. Don’t just create content; create VALUABLE CONTENT. Content is common; the trick to successful content creation is creating something that people actually want to watch. As Jayson Duncan explained on the show, anyone can create content that no one wants to see. Rather than focusing on creating content for content’s sake, focus on the value you are seeking to add for your customer. Start determining what is needed by observing what your competitors are doing, and fill in the gaps where it makes the most strategic sense.

2. Be strategic in your content creation. Before creating content, ask yourself this question: “how is this investment going to help grow my business?” You can even take it a step further and simply ask yourself: “why do I want to create this piece of content?” There has to be a strategic reasoning behind your desire to produce content in order for the process to be effective. Ensure that your intent for content creation is backed by a strategic goal.

3. Video is the preferred content consumption method. Not only should your content be released on a consistent basis, it is also important that your content is presented on the platforms and in the format that your target audience is most receptive to. It has been found that video is currently the preferred consumption method for knowledge across all demographics, so consider the strategic benefits of creating content in this format to promote your brand and/or thought leadership, as doing so can help increase overall visibility.

Listen to our full interview with Jayson Duncan here:

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