Common Ground for Uncommon Results: Insights from Chris Westfall of Leadership Language on Critical Mass Radio Show

December 10th, 2018 by Richard (Ric) Franzi, MBA

As a business leader, are you confident in your communication skills? Every leader has a shining vision of “how things can be” but often times fail miserably at relaying the insight to people. Chris Westfall of Leadership Language joined us to go over new communication strategies and techniques to amp up your communication skills. Here are three takeaways from our time with Chris Westfall on Critical Mass Radio Show:

1.Communicate clarity. Leaders have an obligation to provide direction and guidance to their organization and the team members within it. This means bringing your brand story to life, not just for yourself and for the organization in general, but for everyone on your team. As Chris Westfall explained on Critical Mass Radio Show, authentic connection is at heart of effective leadership, so work to build this connection with those you work with and lead.

2. Find common ground to achieve uncommon results. Chris Westfall explained that
it is important to connect to your team by “speaking their language,” understanding where they are at, and meeting them there. By developing a connection that is built on your team members feeling “seen” and understood, you will be capable of even more powerful leadership, and ultimately, even greater organizational results.

3. Life’s only constant is change. A key to effective leadership is emotional intelligence. However, emotional intelligence is not simply about understanding the emotions of others ­­ but also coming to grips with your own. It is gaining the ability to maintain composure and focus, even in the face of crisis and uncertainty… because such is life. Uncertainty and change is all around us, and effectively communicating as a leader means maintaining clarity in the midst of life’s uncertainty.

Listen to our full interview with Chris Westfall here:

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