The Gift of Mobility: Insights from Don Schoendorfer, President and CEO of Free Wheelchair Mission, on Critical Mass Radio Show

May 9th, 2018 by Richard (Ric) Franzi, MBA

70 million people in the world are in need of a wheelchair but cannot afford one. Free Wheelchair Mission is a nonprofit organization that provides wheelchairs at no cost to people in developing nations. President and CEO Don Schoendorfer joined us to discuss how the organization is transforming lives through the gift of mobility. Here are three takeaways from our time with Don Schoendorfer on Critical Mass Radio Show:

1. Just because a problem is not right in front of you does not mean it doesn’t exist. While on Critical Mass Radio Show, Don Schoendorfer described his eye­opening experience, witnessing the tremendous need for wheelchairs in the developing world, and the consequences of lack of access on individuals with physical disabilities. This experience resonated with Don for decades, he said, and led him to eventually use his skills for good. Regardless of the cause you feel compelled to contribute to, or the need you/your company seeks to fulfill, be sure to ask questions, put things in perspective, and develop a “what can I do to help?” mindset.

2. Partner with organizations/groups for mutual benefit. Sometimes, two purposes can converge so both organizations/groups can meet their objectives, as was the case for Free Wheelchair Mission. Regardless of your goals, continue to network and make connections with other organizations/individuals, as you never know when and where you will find opportunities to get the door open in creative ways, and bring attention to your organization/company’s work.

3. Acts of giving can have positive unintended consequences. Don Schoendorfer discussed how giving on the individual level through Free Wheelchair Mission has impacted entire communities. Not only does providing wheelchairs increase mobility and opportunities for the individual in need, but also allows caregivers and community members the freedom to be able to go back to work and continue living their lives, knowing that their loved one has increased freedom and independence as well.

Listen to our full interview with Don Schoendorfer here:

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