The Steps to SUCCESS: Insights from James Beran, Author of The Biggest Short Guy, on Critical Mass Radio Show

September 22nd, 2017 by Richard (Ric) Franzi, MBA

Many life lessons come from our very own parents, mentors, and friends. For Author James Beran, his life lessons came from the greatest business man he knew – his father. In his latest book, The Biggest Short Guy, he talks about how his father had no desires to be powerful yet impacted so many people. James joined us on Critical Mass to give us the steps of SUCCESS that he learned in his life lessons. Here are three takeaways from our time with James Beran on Critical Mass Radio Show:

1. If you want to connect to someone, write a letter by hand. In the technological age ­ in which “communication” can be done at the click of a button we are actually more disconnected than ever. If you want to truly engage with someone, and give them a piece of you, write a letter by hand. Doing so can have a transformative effect on a person, and shows a level of commitment and thoughtfulness that is so rare in the technological age, where it is so easy just to send an email or text message. Letter writing shows that you are committed and invested in the individual you are communicating with, and, whether it be a business or personal letter, allows you to be more personal in your compassion.

2. Don’t write a book for the money; write it for the platform. Writing a book is not likely to make you rich. However, writing a book provides a clear platform for whatever you are selling or representing, and helps to effectively market yourself and your brand. As you move forward, reflect on why you want to write a book. What purpose would it serve, and what do you hope to achieve by writing it? Think beyond direct profit, and consider how your book can be utilized as a marketing tool to separate yourself from your competition.

3. Success is different things to different people. Success is not one-­size­-fits­-all; it is a transient term. Rather than looking at your own success relative to that of other individuals, get to know yourself and define your own success. Not only is the definition of success different for everyone; it is also likely to change over the course of your career and life.

Listen to our full interview with James Beran below:

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