What I Learned from Seth Sternberg, CEO and Founder of HONOR

March 9th, 2016 by Richard (Ric) Franzi, MBA

sethsternberg-030116Seth Sternberg, CEO and founder of HONOR, joined me on the Critical Mass Radio Show this past week to speak about his work. HONOR is a firm with a $20 million backing of Silicon Valley’s A­listers which uses the power of new technology to improve the system of adult at home care. Here are three things I learned from Seth during my time with him on the Critical Mass Radio Show:

1. A brand name should reflect its mission. It is crucial to market a brand in such a way that the overall purpose is clear. When you decide on a name for your company or product, it should feel “right” because it effectively represents what it serves to do. In talking to Seth Sternberg, he recalled that HONOR was a name that came about through a brainstorming process. When the company ran user surveys after choosing this name, people felt it was fitting, as the company serves to HONOR one’s elders and allow them to live in their homes as long as possible.

2. Focus is everything. Be efficient with your time. When you feel overwhelmed with opportunities and decisions and don’t know where to start, sit down and prioritize. Where can you spend your time that will result in the best outcomes for your company and its consumers? Determine which opportunities will produce results, and which are unlikely to, then proceed.

3. Efficiency leads to not only faster execution, but better execution. The bigger the market, the more difficult it can be for entrepreneurs to be noticed in it, which is why efficiency and focus are so important. To make a dent, avoid distracted interests and discipline yourself in decisionmaking in order to take advantage of beneficial opportunities when they arise.

To learn more about Seth Sternberg and HONOR, visit www.joinhonor.com. Listen to our full interview with Seth below:

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