“Unity in Diversity”: Gaining Multicultural Understanding, from Miguel Dias, founder of CEO World

March 9th, 2016 by Richard (Ric) Franzi, MBA

MiguelDias-030116Last week, I had Miguel Dias, founder of CEO World, on the Critical Mass Radio Show to speak about his work creating a global community of CEOs who come together monthly to collaborate and support each other’s success. Here are three things I learned from Miguel during my conversation with him on the Critical Mass Radio Show:

1. Cultural awareness is crucial. The opportunity to engage with peers from different cultures is beneficial to all businesses, not just international businesses. If you have a global business, connecting with others will help increase understanding of the market you are entering. If you are local, cultural awareness can still help you prepare and continue to grow your business. When it comes down to it, people have the same cares and concerns around the globe, we just express them in different ways depending on our geographic locations. By bridging cultural gaps, we make connections, and learn things that we didn’t even know we needed to learn, regardless of our particular position in the market. There is always knowledge to gain.

2. We become the five people we spend the most time with. Developing a business mindset that works, requires a supportive environment to grow in. It is important to have a peer group which encourages growth, rather than one which maintains the status quo. Be open and willing to learn from those with different perspectives, as doing so will allow you the knowledge needed to grow professionally.

3. Be prepared to face rejection, and be prepared to be unpopular, even amongst those who want to support your ideas. Oftentimes, emotional attachments cause supporters to encourage the status quo because they want the best outcome, and don’t want us to face failure; however, this is not how growth occurs. It is essential to make tough decisions and and follow our intuition as we reach new goals, or else we will simply stay stuck where we are.

To learn more about Miguel Dias of CEO World, visit www.CEOworld.org.

Listen to our full interview with Miguel below:

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