What I Learned From Marques Johnson, CEO of Sparta Athletics

February 19th, 2016 by Richard (Ric) Franzi, MBA

This week, we had Marques Johnson, CEO and founder of Spara Athletics, on the Critical Mass Radio Show to share what he has learned from his athletic and business career, as well to discuss as an interesting new mouth guard that he has developed. Here are four takeaways from what Marques shared with me on Critical Mass Radio Show:

1. The challenge of being a business entrepreneur is to create something out of nothing. Creating a product, or developing an idea, takes a lot of energy. The world has not seen what your company plans to bring to the table yet; it is essential invest fully in the project, and put in the effort needed to find a place in the market for it.

2. We can learn a lot from others that are walking in our shoes, or walk shortly ahead of us down the path. Peer advisers can be excellent resources. Whether it be a business, financial, or creative question, talking to those with experience in the field can help guide a project down a road to success.

3. A business plan is simply a blueprint, or a foundation. Don’t be afraid to make changes to it. A business plan is a vital tool for bringing clarity to ideas and sorting through thoughts. Writing things down can help to clarify what the next necessary step in the process needs to be.

4. Be targeted in your effort, especially when on a limited budget. The goal is to use your limited resources to create something that will reach people, and build momentum. Once this happens, a company can begin to expand its reach.

Listen to our full interview with Marques Johnson below:

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