What I Learned From Dr. Sherry Nooravi of Strategy Meets Performance

August 4th, 2015 by Richard (Ric) Franzi, MBA

Critical-080415On August 4th, 2015, Dr. Sherry Nooravi of Strategy Meets Performance was my guest on the Critical Mass Radio Show. During my time with Sherry, she discussed ways to create teamwork and communication skills within your business, starting with your CEO and senior team. Here are three takeaways from my time with Sherry on Critical Mass Radio Show:

1. Culture should not depend solely on organizational leaders. A strong culture is measured by its consistency despite organizational. Be intentional about the culture you wish to promote, and ensure that the entire team lives by the same mentality. The right skill set means very little if a team member is unable to reflect the culture of the organization in their work.

2. Take culture into consideration in all aspects of management. When you are seeking new team members, ask yourself whether that individual not only has the necessary skills to thrive within the company, but also has core values which reflect the organizational culture. Consider culture when seeking to promote employees as well, and coach your team by implementing these values. Making tough decisions is easier when you look beyond the work itself, and consider how an individual reflects the organizational culture in carrying out that task.

3. If you take care of your people first, you will create a great brand by being authentic. Hire good people who believe in the culture and values of your company, and bring these individuals together to create a business environment that is authentic; customers will notice this atmosphere when they deal with your brand. Utilize social media to promote your organizational culture so that it is recognized externally as well as internally.

To learn more about Sherry Nooravi and her work with Strategy Meets Performance, visit www.strategymeetsperformance.com.

Listen to our full interview with Sherry below:



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