Killing Cats Leads to Rats

Killing Cats Leads to Rats: Mitigating the Unintended Consequences of Business Decisions


Richard Franzi

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What people are saying about Richard’s latest book:

“If one of your decisions has ever produced results in your business that you didn’t expect or want, Richard Franzi has written an eminently readable and entertaining guide to help you avoid doing it again. Killing Cats Leads to Rats is a book we all need to remind us of what can—and often will—go wrong with even the most well-intentioned actions we take.”

                Bo Burlingham, Author of Small Giants and Finish Big

 “Richard provides a wide spectrum of business anecdotes to help illustrate the frequency and variety of unintended consequences in the business world.  I guarantee this book will help executives anticipate and predict more carefully the outcomes of their decisions.  Business leaders of all ages will earn how to prevent unintended consequences, such as tarnishing their brand and reputation, thanks to concepts first introduced by Robert K. Merton.”

Wing Lam, CEO Wahoo’s Fish Taco

 “We have all been victim of “No good deed goes unpunished”, where we made a decision that had unexpected consequences.  Killing Cats… has a host of real-world illustrations and Richard’s “Decision Ecosystem” illustrates how every outcome will always relate back to the people and data available at the time of decision making. A great read for every decision maker (and that is ALL of us).”

Brian Smith, Founder, Ugg Brands US

Book synopsis:

Whether unintended consequences are negative, positive or have an unknown future impact, they can lead to unexpected outcomes that can have a huge impact on companies.  In his book, Franzi highlights examples of unintended consequences by well-known companies including Volkswagen, Pepsi, Wells Fargo, Target, Starbucks and Samsung. He also reveals the five causes that lead to unintended consequences, along with six strategies to help mitigate potentially damaging results.

Readers will gain insights that they can apply to their own businesses to help them evaluate potential unintended consequences in advance of decision making and also to find ways to mitigate undesirable outcomes before they get out of control. Much like Spencer Johnson’s “Who Moved My Cheese?” and Kenneth Blanchard’s “The One Minute Manager,” Franzi’s book delivers strategic insights that help business leaders think differently for greater success.

Richard’s third (3rd) book, published by Motivational Press contains ground-breaking tools to help CEOs to avoid, reduce, and mitigate unintended consequences from damaging a company’s performance and reputation.  More importantly, the SECURE™ can help leaders to better control their desired outcomes of their strategic business decisions.  Employees expect their leaders to be clairvoyant about the results of  actions, taken by the employees, to achieve the stated outcome. When unintended consequences intervene and disrupt the future, the employees begin to doubt their leaders.  This doubt can lead to lower employee morale and engagement.

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