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Enterprise Peer Group Photo ShadowedCEO Peer Groups® is a term made popular by our Founder, Richard (Ric) Franzi in his landmark book Critical Mass: The 10 Explosive Powers of CEO PEER GROUPS.   It is now in its 6th printing and available for sale on in paperback and Kindle versions.

Members are from middle market growth oriented firms headquartered in Orange County, CA.  They represent a wide variety of industries from manufacturing to technology and professional service firms.

Key Peer Group Photo ShadowedThese CEO Peer Groups® revolve around the proven concept of peer learning for business executives. Each CEO Peer Group® works by leveraging the collective experience and knowledge of the members to the benefit of the individual. It provides the participants with an ongoing education in business from trusted peer advisers who have gained their knowledge through direct experience building and leading businesses.

Richard Franzi leads his CEO Peer Groups® in partnership with Renaissance Executive Forums, an international organization, with over 1,300 members, dedicated to helping top executives take their businesses to the next level.

The results are improved decision-making, new insights, improved strategic thinking, and peace of mind.

Critical Mass® CEO Peer Group Membership Information

1. Member companies range from $2 million to $30 million in annual revenues
2. Over 40,000 members involved in professionally facilitated CEO Peer Groups around the world
3. Member companies have combined annual revenue in excess of $200 million

The Facts about CEO Peer Group® Membership

An MIT Sloan Management Review surveyed members of CEO Peer Groups® who reported receiving the following benefits:

1. Improved their company’s financial and operational performance
2. They obtained new knowledge
3. They were able to improve organization in their professional life
4. They developed clearer performance benchmarks

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CEO Peer Groups®

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