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Critical Mass Business Radio Show

Hosted by Ric Franzi, and in its 6th year of interviewing CEOs and business owners in the Orange County, CA business community, Critical Mass Radio Show can be heard live on from 4pm to 5pm PT every Tuesday afternoon.

Critical Mass for Business live radio show features CEOs running successful middle market firms who share their experiences for their benefit of the listening audience.

Scheduled Guests

Chris Westfall
Author - "Leadership Language: Using Authentic Communication to Drive Results"


As a business leader, are you confident in your communication skills? Every leader has a shining vision of “how things can be” but often times fail miserably at relaying the insight to people.

Jayson Duncan
Miller Farm Media


People are always looking for leaders – someone who can solve their problems, inspire them, and help guide them. Being that strong leader in a firm is crucial to bringing trust to your firm.

James Patterson
CEO - Aerobotics


Farmers across the world are using web software to manage their orchards and detect early problems. Aerobotics helps to provide this tech to farmers through drones and flight planner apps.

Karen Hill
Leadership Practitioner


Her passion for helping others in both professional and personal development, Karen Hall is your go to leadership practitioner and now she's working her passion with Juvenile Diabetes.

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