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Critical Mass Business Radio Show

Hosted by Ric Franzi, and in its 10th year of interviewing CEOs and business executives in the Orange County, CA business community, Critical Mass Radio Show can be heard live on from 4pm to 5pm PT every Tuesday afternoon.

There are many milestones for the radio show in 2019. First, we will be conducting our 1,500 interview in February. In March we will be celebrating our 10 year anniversary of being on the air continuously since 2009.

Critical Mass for Business live radio show features CEOs running successful firms who share their experiences for their benefit of the listening audience.

Scheduled Guests

Mari Kurtz
Cal Pac Sheet Metal


Living by the motto – “There is something exceptional in each one of us” – President of Cal Pac Sheet Metal Mari Kurtz, strives to serve others with the dedication and integrity they need when it comes to sheet metals and projects. At Cal Pac the believe the most prepared team succeed every time and they are always working to be the best and provide the best they can in this industry.

Brian Gladden
Blue Ocean Strategy+/Strategy & Innovation Institute (SI2)


Blue Ocean Strategy (BOS) is one of the most popular innovation business theories over the last 15 years and the only one with the tools, methodology, and processes to help executives create uncontested growth.

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