“Integrity May Be The Secret to a Century Old Company,” Insights from Kelly Barmettler, CEO of Von Hemert Interiors, on the Critical Mass Radio Show

August 4th, 2019 by Richard (Ric) Franzi, MBA

Von Hemert Interiors has been consistent with bringing a reputable level o interior design and services, as well as, brand-name furnishings to their loyal following for nearly a century. Kelly von Hemert-Barmettler joins us on the Critical Mass Radio Show to share her family’s experiences with building and maintain their company’s impact and relevance in the Southern California market.

  1. You cannot be everything to everyone. In the business setting it is very easy to get sucked into the notion that you are supposed to be everything that the company depends on and you must have all the answers that will make everyone happy. However, as most of us know, that is not the case. When you are leading a company you must stick to the foundations that your company was built on and make decisions that will benefit the company and not individual people. Although not everyone will agree with your choices all the time, if you are confident that your choices are what is best for the company and will achieve success, then hold onto that and don’t be afraid to make choices and judgments that could save your company in the long run.
  1. Stick to your roots. It is important to understand and maintain the roots of your company but also allow for evolvement to take happen. As Kelly Barmettler said,” our company is really rooted in quality, fine furniture with complimentary interior design service to help you make a better decision.“ This is a perfect example of how a company can “stick to their roots” or to their mission statement but still find ways to adapt with the times and increase the level of customer satisfaction.
  1. Do everything with integrity.Actions speak louder than words especially when it comes to integrity. Employees, clients, andeven competitionwill follow as long as you lead by example. This guiding principle will also set you apart from the competition and make the overall experience for customers an all around success. By acting with integrity in every part of your business creates a sense of trust and also builds a willingness for people to stay, whether it be on a customer basis or an employee basis, integrity goes a long way and people will notice immediately.


Listen to our full interview with Kelly Barmettler on the Critical Mass Radio Show here:


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