“Join The Journey, Join The Change,”Insights from Patty Turrell, The CEO of The Women’s Journey Foundation on the Critical Mass Radio Show

July 28th, 2019 by Richard (Ric) Franzi, MBA

In a time of massive change, a woman’s role in society is more important than ever before. The Women’s Journey Foundation helps to strengthen self-reliance in woman of all ages so they can realize their power and purpose. Patty Turrell, joins us on the Critical Mass Radio Show and Podcast to share how the foundation celebrates the journey of every female trailblazer.

1. Be able to portray the benefits of your organization clearly. One of the most challenging parts about running a successful non-profit organization is being able to get volunteers to support your cause and raise awareness. Convey your purpose so clearly that anyone can spot the benefits of your organization and in turn be willing to help. The Women’s Journey Foundation does just that in being able to help young girls recognize their purpose and power through the female trailblazers of the past.

 2.Be able to be vulnerable and real. The Women’s journey Foundation brings in role models to come and speak at their events and with that brings a level of realness and vulnerability that allows for real change to occur. The foundation wants to make an impact in the lives of girls and by sharing stories and experiences to one another, which creates a sense of trust and hope that the accomplishments of those prior are as real today as they were back then

3.Peace, Patience, and Kindness. If you are part of a company or non-profit organization that would be described as having a nurturing culture, these three words should be worked into your company philosophies. Peace, patience, and kindness can be the key components to seeing a successful change in your business strategies, and with your business clients. Bringing in the human aspect when trying to reach potential prospects is the way to engage with people and make them want to come support your cause.

Listen to our full interview with Patty Turrell on the Critical Mass Radio Show here:


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