“Catch The SmartBug”Insights from Ryan Malone, CEO of SmartBug Media, on the Critical Mass Radio Show

July 31st, 2019 by Richard (Ric) Franzi, MBA


Today it can be challenging to figure out how to bring together the right strategy, creativity, technology, and talent to realize an ROI on your firm’s inbound marketing initiatives. Ryan Malone, Founder and CEO of SmartBug Media, joins us on the Critical Mass Radio Show and Podcast to share his experience, knowledge, and expertise with helping firms figure out the right marketing strategy for them.

1. Demonstrate your expertise. Identify the problems that potential prospects have and focus on that as a base for your business. Whether it is technology issues, HR issues, etc. by demonstrating your expertise in a particular field allows for a connection and a form of trust to be built on a personal level. This also makes your company stand out against other companies that may be offering the same services but do not fully take the time to connect with potential clients and help to resolve the issues right away.

2. Constantly recruit for jobs. If you are part of a company that thrives on teamwork and being part of a team then consistently recruiting individuals for current positions and for positions that will open up in the future is the best way to create a strong team of dedicated workers. By having individuals go through the interview process consistently, then by the time the job opens up are ready to hire and already have names to choose from as well as individuals that are on standby. Ultimately it will save you and the company time and money.

3. Build your internal systems to support five times the growth that you think you will do. As momentum builds in any business it is not ideal to find out that your internal systems cannot support that rapid growth. The best way to ensure success in the future and in the present is to prepare for the best, and build everything as if you are already on top. This will ensure that you will not hit any friction as your company grows.

 Listen to our full interview with Ryan Malone on the Critical Mass Radio Show here:


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