Dog is Good! Insights from CEO Jon Kurtz on Critical Mass Radio Show

February 18th, 2019 by Richard (Ric) Franzi, MBA

Dog lovers unite! Jon Kurtz, CEO of Dog Is Good joined Ric in the studio to talk about the importance of dogs in people’s lives and how to brand and market to dog lovers. Here are three takeaways from our time with Jon Kurtz on Critical Mass Radio Show:

1. Service the customer, not the industry. While on Critical Mass Radio Show, Jon Kurtz explained that, in starting the Dog Is Good brand, an important distinction was made between servicing the pet industry versus truly connecting and providing value to the target audience: dog lovers. In doing so, Dog Is Good has become a brand that its customers truly relate to and resonate with beyond any one product or service.

2. Niche it down. You can’t be all things to all people. As such, it is important to know the “avatars” of your target customer base, and craft a messaging strategy accordingly. In order to create a scalable business, it is essential to implement strategic thinking when it comes to who you are targeting and how you are bringing them in.

3. A brand is a promise. Building a brand takes consistent effort. A key aspect of gaining a loyal customer base is establishing trust; however, in order to gain the trust of your customers, your brand must earn it, which takes time. Be patient as you are in the initial stages of company growth.

Listen to our full interview with Jon Kurtz here:

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