Think Outside of the Box! Insights from Dalip Jaggi of Devise Interactive on Critical Mass Radio Show

November 18th, 2018 by Richard (Ric) Franzi, MBA

Thinking outside the box is number one when it comes to innovation and creative thinking. The team behind Devise Interactive helps solve problems and strategize around your needs to bring enormous results. Here are three takeaways from our time with Dalip Jaggi on Critical Mass Radio Show:

1. Focus on strategy development upfront. When it comes to moving a thought to a plan, or an idea to a true market differentiator, it is essential to articulate and add substance your strategic goals and plans on the front end. Otherwise, your strategy will become cemented before it is truly formed to its full capacity.

2. A lot goes into becoming a disruptor in the marketplace. As discussed with Dalip Jaggi on Critical Mass Radio show, timing, marketplace characteristics, and demand all play a role in whether a brand is truly able to become a disruptive influence in the market­­ there are a lot of false positives, and you don’t know what you don’t know. With that said, this goes back to the importance of upfront strategy and research so that you can enter the market armed and ready.

3. Impact is about more than revenue growth. Rather, it is about quality, and staying
true to your brand’s personality and process. Dalip Jaggi discussed how his brand takes a humanistic approach to their consulting work, working as partners in the process as brands brainstorm, build, formulate processes, and collaborate with the firm.

Listen to our full interview with Dalip Jaggi on Critical Mass Radio Show:

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