Invest in Your Financial Future: Insights from Greg Dill, Commercial Mortgage Strategist, on Critical Mass Radio Show

November 19th, 2018 by Richard (Ric) Franzi, MBA

How efficient would it be to be able to grow and invest in your business rather than spending thousands on rent? Greg Dill, Commercial Mortgage Strategist, developed a unique and proven strategy that can get you the offers you need. Here are three takeaways from our time with Greg Dill on Critical Mass Radio Show:

1. Invest in generational wealth. As a hard asset, owning a building is one way of investing of your financial future, regardless of your business decisions. If you plan ahead in this regard, there are endless possibilities; as you increase the value of the building, this commercial real estate investment can benefit you financially whether you sell the business, sell the building, or both.

2. Do your homework. Ensure that you are investing in a deep knowledge of your client from the get-­go. Take the time to truly understand the project, client, and business at hand, so you can devise an effective plan to put in place. Seek to move your client in the right direction, regardless of the ultimate transaction/end result.

3. Doing the right thing is ALWAYS the right thing. While on Critical Mass Radio Show, Greg Dill shared his belief in “deal karma” ­ meaning that you should ALWAYS treat people right, regardless of whether it plays out in this immediate transaction. Always help someone out if you have the capacity to, and you will ultimately reap the rewards.

Listen to our full interview with Greg Dill on Critical Mass Radio Show here:

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