CEO Expertise: Insights from Steve Acevedo, CEO and President of Regatta Solutions, on Critical Mass Radio Show

July 28th, 2017 by Richard (Ric) Franzi, MBA

Capitalizing on a new trend or technology can be an effective way to ignite growth for your firm. President and CEO Steve Acevedo of Regatta Solutions is enabling business success for a cleaner tomorrow by combining multiple technologies to provide cost effective energy services. This week, Steve joined us on Critical Mass Radio Show to discuss how Regatta Solutions differentiates itself in the market and how the company generates clean, resilient power at a reasonable cost. Here are three takeaways from our time with Steve on Critical Mass Radio Show:

1. Listen to the market. In Steve’s words, “jump in the pool,” or the market. When you do so, however, keep an open mind, and be willing to make pivots in response to what consumers want and need. Rather than struggle to stay afloat with an idea that isn’t working in the market, grab a life raft when necessary; listen to what the client requires and is asking for, even if this means that an adjustment is necessary. While this might mean more work in the short­-term, the payoff will be worth it. When you are out there playing in the field, and truly listening to the market, an opportunity is much more likely
to present itself. When it does, seize it.

2. Value your client, and act as a trusted adviser. As you focus on producing quality products, don’t forget to work on building a lasting relationship with your clientele. When nurtured, there is no limit to where the relationships between your firm and your clients can take you. Clients can provide references and help grow your business, as well as support developments and products your firm may have to offer down the line.

3. Nurture your business, and your employees. Business health and an investment in employees go hand­-in-­hand, especially since your employees will most likely be the longest­-term stakeholders in your company. It is essential that your employees understand the value of their contributions to your firm, and that what they do directly
contributes to the overall health of the business. As you lead your firm, celebrate employee successes, as well as encourage teamwork and innovation, as these qualities keep businesses spry and competitive in the market. Profitability is key to serving, and providing value to, your consumer.

Listen to our full interview with Steve Acevedo below:

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