“If You Teach Someone How to Fish, Eventually They Will Realize You Sell Fishing Rods.” Dr. Niklas Myhr

May 6th, 2016 by Richard (Ric) Franzi, MBA

2016-05 N. MyhrDr. Niklas Myhr also known as The Social Media Professor spoke to my 1st Tuesday CEO Peer Group® about the strategic use of social media within their middle market firms. He captivated the members with his breadth and depth of knowledge and I wanted to share a few of the many takeaways from his 1-hour talk to my members.

Business relationships are built on mutual trust

Social media can make relationship building happen much faster than in the past.  But it still takes time to achieve a true meaningful relationship. The strategic use of social media channels can enable middle market firms/executives to reach an audience with a consistent message of value.  Business relationships are most valuable when they are maintained over an extended period of time.

Learning is happening more and more online

The rate to learning is accelerating and social media channels can greatly expand a middle market firm’s ability to share their unique knowledge with a large and global audience.  Technologies are getting better that promote two-way knowledge sharing with prospects in your audience.  In a B2B market the use of social media to build long term conversations which are designed to share knowledge is a powerful way for companies to develop a loyal following.  This audience will, over time, come to trust your brand based on the quality and frequency of the content you produce. Middle market firms have to ready to make a long term commitment to fully realize the results.

Customer experience must be your focus

Today customer’s expect high quality, on time delivery and suppliers to do what they say they are going to do. These attributes are now “table stakes” and will not differentiate a middle market firm from the competition.  The power of social media is to enable firm’s to become good at delivering compelling stories that capture the prospects imagination.  Social media offers a variety of platforms for companies to engage their audience and build relationships designed to provide valuable information that is relevant to the audience.

Finally, Dr. Myhr shared his proven strategy for middle market companies to build a powerful social media presence.

1). Build your brand

2). Choose your platform(s)

3). Grow your social influence over time

4). Promote what you are about

5). Collect your money

6). Automate and outsource as appropriate

The members truly enjoyed and learned much from Dr. Myhr’s talk.  You can find him at The Social Media Professor

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